This is getting old for high school spring sports athletes. They have been cooped up in gyms since practice began, which was March 12 in some cases. In addition to working on drills and conditioning, some have gotten creative to pass the time and stay excited about coming to practice. One track coach on Saturday's KRFO high school coaches show indicated he might have athletes have create large snowballs as a way to clear some of the white stuff off the track.

A number of baseball coaches have considered Whiffle Ball games as a way to break up the tedium of indoor practices. A few teams have been outside playing catch and fielding fly balls. Track athletes have been running outside and most teams have had at least one indoor meet. The Owatonna coed track relay that was scheduled for April 5 is canceled and won't be made up.

Owatonna's boys' golf team found an open course in Iowa to play on Saturday, but their season-opening meet for Monday, April 9 was postponed as are meets on Wednesday, April 11 in Prior Lake and Thursday, April 12 in Decorah, Iowa.

The OHS baseball Twitter account expressed optimism Monday that games might be played within about ten days. The Huskies were scheduled to open the season Thursday, April 5 at Red Wing. OHS girls' softball coach Brian Pilcher said on Saturday's radio show that the team was trying to arrange some time in a dome and that it could be awhile before Morehouse Park, Owatonna's home diamond, is ready for a game.

The Blooming Prairie softball team announced Monday that they would play a double header in the Austin dome Saturday, April 14 against WEM and United South Central starting at 7PM.

Some golf coaches spent time giving their players written exams on the rules of the game. Some gathered around the TV to watch The Masters this past week.

Watching reports from around the state have shown people's strong imagination. From hitting plastic golf balls off auditorium stages to something called sled-ball that involved a bat and a ball and a kid being dragged around on a sled, students have found a way to have a fun time despite, or because of, the weather conditions.

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