This is a story about Reggie. Reggie is a 10-year-old black lab and has a place named for him in Owatonna: Reggie's Brewhouse. Reggie has been in the radio station on a number of occasions when his pal Ron “Shoe” Schouweiler has needed to come in and record ads.

Recently Shoe noticed that Reggie seemed to be not doing much of anything and had some concerns, so they went to see the emergency vet in Rochester. Based on the information they gathered they started a treatment program. That didn't seem to help much. So the vet said maybe it's pancreatitis. They tried treating for that, but it was not really working.

They ended up taking Reg to  Eugene & Linda Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Jaron Naimon, a veterinary resident, after seeing that x-rays were not finding anything, ordered a CT scan. That's when they found the problem. Reggie had apparently swallowed a wooden skewer used for shish kabobs. They operated and ended up removing his spleen and got the skewer out. Now Shoe says Reggie is returning to his old self. Hopefully he will stay away from those skewers now.

The Five o'clock Rock Blocks on Power 96, 5PM Monday through Friday, are sponsored by Reggie's Brewhouse in Owatonna.

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