MN Animals That Could Kill You
Ever wonder what animal is most likely to kill a person in Minnesota? Wide Open Country shared that exact information based on data from the CDC.
5 Therapy Farms Worth Visiting in Minnesota
Whether you're a vet suffering from PTSD, a child with behavioral issues or an individual with special needs, here are five farms around Minnesota that offer therapeutic experiences with their animals.
Fire Department Rescues Duck
Fire departments are often recognized as rescuing cats from trees, and other animals/pets caught in buildings that may be on fire, or in need of evacuation due to some emergency. One Southern Minnesota fire department ended up rescuing a duck after it got stuck inside of a chimney.
MN's Newest Bald Eagle
The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources says the eaglet hatched Friday in the nest that is part of the agency’s EagleCam program this year.

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