The Owatonna School Board heard from Wold Architects at their July 11 meeting regarding renovations at Willow Creek and the junior high building.

In an email newsletter sent by the Owatonna School District, the lead architects presented an update and preliminary designs for the two schools. In fall 2017, Owatonna Junior High will become a middle school for grades 6-8. At the same time Willow Creek, which currently houses sixth grade, will be become a K-5 elementary.

Key points of the design plans include safety measures, a student-center environment, accessible technology and future flexibility and growth options. Both schools will see additions and renovations in order to make the transitions.

The school board continues to review and discuss various options on balancing the four elementary schools for the start of the 2017-18 school year. Several criteria are guiding the discussion of school boundaries.

  • Balance enrichment and support services.
  • Allow students to remain in the school they start in during the 2017-18 school year.
  • Balance class size across all the schools.
  • Focus on the geographic proximity between home and school.
  • Keep time on buses to a minimum.

The renovations are made possible by the bond referendum that was passed by the district's voters in November 2015. Sign up for the Owatonna School District newsletter.

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