The Maple River boys won the Gopher Conference track title Tuesday at United South Central. WEM took the girls crown. NRHEG was second in the standings for boys and girls.

Boys standings:

  1. Maple River, 203
  2. NRHEG, 101.5
  3. Faribault Bethlehem Academy 96
  4. Blooming Prairie 74
  5. Medford 69
  6. USC / Alden-Conger 66.5
  7. WEM 59

Girls standings:

  1. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 184
  2. NRHEG 127
  3. USC / Alden-Conger 107.5
  4. Maple River 91
  5. Medford 58
  6. Faribault Bethlehem Academy 54
  7. Blooming Prairie 49.5

The NRHEG Panthers had three championship performances on the girls' side, according to coach Duey Ferber, who forwarded details to KRFO radio. Hailey Schuller won the 100 high hurdles, Maddie Wagner took first in the long jump and Sophia Fischer captured the shot put. For the boys, NRHEG's 4x800 took first with the team of Tyler Schlaak, Agro Gushwa, Nate Krause and John Cole.

Ferber said in his email, regarding the boys, "Maple River really flexed their muscles last night. We were very pleased to place second behind them. The 4x800 overcame the loss of Josh Fleming to injury to win the conference title."

For the girls' competition, Ferber said, "We placed second to an extremely tough WEM team. I'm very proud of these girls."

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