The NRHEG Panthers called timeout after scoring an overtime touchdown Friday night that pulled them within one point of then-unbeaten and top-ten ranked Maple River. Senior receiver Brady Agrimson looked into first-year head coach Marc Kruger's eyes and said, "I promise I'll come down with it."

And he did. The Panthers won 29-28 for the first time in a number of years against their big rivals.

Junior quarterback Blake Ihrke connected with the 6-foot-5 Agrimson, just as he did for the touchdown that set up the game-winning decision. On Saturday's KRFO coaches show Kruger said, "I knew the boys wanted to go for the win." He added that he was a little hesitant to put the pressure of an extra point kick on the shoulders of his freshman kicker.

Kruger, who graduated from Albert Lea, said everyone talked about the rivalry with the Eagles when he took the Panthers' job this summer, "(It) feels really good to get this win. You could just tell it on the boys faces, especially the seniors." Agrimson caught two touchdown passes in the back-and-forth battle that was tied at 21-21 at the half. Neither team scored in the second half, setting up the overtime session.

NRHEG (4-2) hosts LeSueuer-Henderson Friday night.


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