I tried my hand at painting with the help of the Clinks and Canvas gals who were at the Steele County Historical Society Thursday night. It was fun. There were eight tables and each one set for three painters. A small easel, paint brushes sitting on a paper towel, a mason jar filled with water and a not-so-blank canvas, plus a plastic apron.

The gals from Ellendale made it easy. The barn, barn quilt and sky were drawn. Nice. Brenda, Jessica and Becca instructed us step-by-step throughout the evening and gave us paper plates with the paint to use at that time and what to mix.

After we rinsed our first brush, we were reminded not to drink the water, which has happened, or not to put the brush in the wine glass, which also has happened. It was a pretty relaxed night.

When the sky and green were painted and dry, we traced the scene onto the canvas. Cool, stay within the lines possibly. More fun with painting. It was a little nerve-racking, but really there's no messing up. One because they can fix it with white paint or a little instruction. I kind of did not like one area of my painting. It looked sort of like a lamb. I ended up leaving it though. Becca gave a suggestion, but did not think looked too bad.

The Clink and Canvas gals have done this picture a few times and brought in different versions and one even had a chicken. Brenda had said this painting takes the longest. They have also done flowers and a boat on shore. Jessica the instructor at one point said we were done. She showed us her painting from a couple of days ago and the barn quilt was not done.

All in all, it was a fun evening. I think my painting turned out pretty nice. My husband thought so too. So even more cool.

A note that the Steele County Humane Society also is having a Painting for Strays on Thursday, July 21, at the Owatonna Library. It is a fundraiser to help stray cats in Steele County get vet checked, altered and re-homed. Check their Facebook page. This time a sandcastle at sunset. Pretty.

The sun is shining ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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