Steele County Historical Society

Visit the Village
With all 19 structures open at the village and two exhibits to explore at the history center, the Steele County Historical Society invites fairgoers to the east side of the fairgrounds.
Look Back: Zamboni Boot
In the 1920s an Owatonna businessman’s invention enhanced his family’s business and rerouted automobile history in the region. Sylvie Zamboni, son of Carlo Zamboni, and owner of the Zamboni Garage created what became known as the Zamboni boot...
Look Back: July-Aug. 1917 News
Steve Groening recounts the KOBK news from July-August 1917. Hot topics include World War I draft registration and Owatonna’s Company I preparing for mobilization. Automobiles also were growing in popularity. Steele County had 1,335 cars as of May 1, 1917, and increase from 980 the p…
Historical Society Extravaganza
Sunday afternoon was a picture perfect day, sunny, and warm like you would expect for July. That afternoon my daughter and I went to the Steele County Historical Society's 31st annual Extravaganza. What a great turnout there was. There were so many different things to look at, and the Village o…

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