Well, our former adoptable animal friend Dutton is back at the Steele County Humane Society, through no fault of his own, and is once again patiently waiting for his forever home. Dutton, while a patient boy when it comes to food, doesn't realize his size and is in need of a home that has older children in it. Does this sound like your home? Dutton would love to spend the holidays with his new family.

We went to the Steele County Humane Society's website for more details on Dutton.

Dutton here, again, still searching for my forever family. I came back to the Steele County Humane Society, it has been discovered that I would do best with a family that has older children. I don’t realize my size and plow the little ones over. I don’t mean to but it happened.  I’m still a bit shy when meeting new people but we are working on that. It helps to have chicken, or baby carrots, or hot dogs, oh and string cheese too J   I still love to run around the backyard and do zoomies, it would be fun to have another playful dog to wrestle with. I love playing fetch, I’m getting pretty good at bringing it back. Unless there is something else in the yard that may need my attention.  I’m potty trained, sleep well in the kennel at night and when my humans go to work. It’s pretty big and I have lots of room to stretch. Daily walks are wonderful too.  I sit and wait patiently for my food and do not eat until given the “ok”. Have you ever had bully sticks?  Wow they are great! If you adopt me, can you please get me some? Cottage cheese, yes please! I would love to cuddle on the couch with you! I have a big heart and have a great personality once I feel comfortable with everyone.   I’m still looking for lots of tummy rubs; plenty of squeaky toys, the 14-year-old schnauzer here has killed them all and no longer squeak.   I am 6 months old and I’m 55# of love, just waiting for the perfect family!!

If you feel like you've got the home and space in your heart for our friend Dutton, you can head here to fill out an adoption form, and the cost to adopt Dutton is $300. If you've got questions about Dutton or another one of the pets available from the Steele County Humane Society, give them a call at 507-451-4512.

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