Here's a look at the remaining scheduled guests for the Veteran's Open Roundtable till the summer break. The public is invited to the gatherings which take place the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Owatonna.

February 12 the guest will be Ross Leuning. Among his military background is a period where he served worldwide as a General Courts-Martial Military Judge. he was also awarded the Legion of Merit.

March 12, it will be Pat Fagan who was involved in 57 combat missions in Vietnam and 26 combat missions in the Gulf War.

April 9, the speaker will be Todd Schwanke who served in the U.S. Army in Germany along the border dividing Germany and the communist world during the Cold War.

May 14, it will be Andy Riehm who was in the U.S. Army from 1986-2010.

June 11 will feature Purple Heart recipient Randy Kurth who served in the Army for over twenty years.

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