One class of Stewartville students went the extra mile to help out those struggling during the California Wildfires, and Carrie Underwood plans to help!

You have to go all the way back to November when Mrs. Lonien's students were learning about natural disasters at Bear Cave Intermediate School. The students were able to read relevant articles about the damage the wildfires can cause, and the students couldn't believe what they were learning and finding. They wanted to help.

Last year, the students at Bear Cave Intermediate conducted a fundraiser to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, so the students knew they could raise some money for another great cause. They began by researching the affected area and locating a school that needed their help.

The students then raised money be competing against each other in a penny war, and the winning group of students got to launch a whip-cream pie in the principal's face, so you KNEW the game was on! See below the students launching the pie in their principal's face. (Shoutout to Mr. Johnson for buying into the efforts and taking one for the team!)

From there, the students were able to raise nearly $1,400 to send to California.

Along with learning and researching about the wildfires, the students were also discussing how they can use social media in a positive way. So, a group of students collaborated to make a video to send to their favorite celebrity on Twitter. One group selected Carrie Underwood.

A few weeks ago, Carrie's team reached out to Mrs. Lonien for more information about the project. Then, Tuesday afternoon, Carrie Underwood personally responded to the class' tweet, sharing her willingness to help!

Mrs. Lonien and the class were ecstatic to hear the news of Carrie's response. "We're unsure where this will go but we are excited to find out!" Mrs. Lonien said.

This is some amazing work by some amazing kids in Stewartville!


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