Four people, two adults and two juveniles, recently allegedly got together and planned how they could make some cash by breaking into cars in an impound lot. They are believed to have cut a hole in the fence, breaking into the lot and breaking into vehicles.

Just before 2AM Wednesday, officers were called to the lot and when they arrived they saw several men with flashlights moving around the lot, according to the Faribault Daily News. The four people were taken into custody.

Two of the four were identified as Elijah Andrew Fatland, 19; Christian James Morales, 18, and two juvenile males whose names have not been released. One of the juveniles said he and one of the others had come up with the plan.

Fatland and Morales have both been charged with possession of burglary tools, a felony, and three misdemeanors: tampering with a motor vehicle, theft and fourth-degree property damage.

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