Glen Meger a director for the Steele County Free Fair and in charge of inside vendors at the 4 Seasons Center was a guest on AM 1390's Fair Talk. One slight change will be the fact that the vendors inside the 4 Seasons will close at 9PM on Tuesday and Wednesday nights during the fair. This is a one hour earlier closure than previous years. Vendors inside the 4 Seasons will remain open till 10PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and 8PM on Sunday.

With around 300 vendors expected in the 4 Seasons there of course will be new products offered this year. Country Side Amish Furniture will be among the new vendors at this month's fair. Pet products will be well represented this year. There will be vendors selling pet accessories, lawn dogs, pet carriers and pet pillows. Family Tree Dips will be another new vendor offering pre packaged dips.

Dates for the fair are August 14-19.

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