Besides a number of new laws that took effect in Minnesota on August 1, some changes were announced in Minnesota's medical marijuana program. State residents with autism or obstructive sleep apnea can now qualify for the program. A number of groups had requested that Minnesota's medical marijuana program be expanded to also include afflictions such as nausea, dementia and anxiety disorders. However, this is not to be at least for now.

Do you know anyone on medical marijuana? I know just one person on the program. She's suffered from a number of afflictions along with fibromyalgia being the biggest culprit. I run into this person maybe once or twice a month. In that little time I have certainly noticed a difference. Back in the days of her pain killing suckers and I imagine other pain medication, I would have to have described her as loopy or even dingy. She comes across to me much improved since joining the program about a year or so ago. She told me it is pricey, running into the hundreds of dollars a month and she's disappointed that it isn't covered by her insurance.

Minnesota's medical marijuana program was launched in 2014 with some of the nations most restrictive laws.

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