I'm curious if my family was unique or were most families like this or was it because we were farmers? Eat,eat and eat some more. Anyone else have a grandmother or mother who would keep putting food in front of you? The reasoning that was always given was that you need a little extra weight to fall back on in case you would get sick. The keep up your strength line so you can bale more hay was used on occasion as well. As a youngster I gladly accepted yet I really never gained any weight. That is until my first year off the farm and out on my own and then pow! I packed on almost 40 pounds. I later took it off and finally by the time I was around 50 or so I managed to convince my mother that I didn't need to eat all that food when I came to visit.

Here's a story out from AFPRelaxNews that seems to back up what my mother and grandmother told me. A little extra weight can be beneficial if you get sick. What do you think?

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