Here we are. It's the first big vacation, get away, get out on the water weekend. Boating is big business and especially here in Minnesota. California leads the way as far as boats registered followed by Michigan, Florida and then Minnesota and Wisconsin. Boat sales are up 12% in Minnesota over the past year which places us in the number 5 spot for sales.  Boat related spending in Minnesota tops the 800 million dollar mark. It's also responsible for playing a role in some 43,000 jobs in Minnesota.

The Boat Owners Association of the United States announces that the most popular name given to a boat is a new one. It's Grace. Other popular boat names include the old favorites such as Freedom, 'Seas' the Day, Second Wind and Serenity. The names voted most humorous include Shenanigans, Penny Pincher and Ship Happens.

Here's some familiar boat/ship names. Do you remember what they are associated with? Jolly Roger, USS Minnow and Black Pearl. The Jolly roger was Captain Hook's ship in Peter Pan. The USS Minnow was manned by the Skipper and Gilligan and the Black Pearl is from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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