Singer and actress, both Broadway and movies, with a Grammy-nominated hit: Vicki Sue Robinson, according to

Vicki Sue Robinson was born in Harlem and raised in Philadelphia. Her mother, Marian "Jolly," was a folk singer and her father, Bill, a Shakespearean actor.

At 6 years old, Robinson sang harmony with her mom on stage during the Folk Festival in Philadelphia. Ten years later at 16, Robinson was on Broadway with the musical "Hair." She was also in "Jesus Christ, Superstar" in 1973. Robinson went on to do other stage productions.

Robinson sang back-up vocals for "Something, Anything" on Todd Rundgren's album, and starred in movies such as "Going Home" and "Gangsters," among others.

It was in 1976 when Robinson sang her Top 10 hit "Turn t,he Beat Around." According to, the song is all about the beat of the music, mentioning the flute and drums. In 1977, she was nominated for Best Female Vocalist at the Grammys.

Robinson went on to sing commercial jingles for Doublemint Gum, Maybelline and others. She also sang backing vocals for Cher, Cyndi Lauper and in Irene Cara's hit "Fame."

In the early '80s, Robinson had a Top 5 hit in Australia with Lulu's hit, "To Sir, With Love."

After Gloria Estefan did a cover of "Turn the Beat Around," Robinson recorded "My Stomp, My Beat" and a disco world tour followed with Gloria Gayner, K.C. and the Sunshine Band and The Village People.

In 1999, Robinson did an off-Broadway show, "Vicki Sue Robinson: Behind the Beat."

She married Bill Good in 1990. Vicki Sue Robinson died at age 46 in 2000 from cancer.



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