A trio from the early 1970s with one hit and a couple of more bands: Cymarron, according to the website mental itch.

Rick Yancy, a studio musician in Memphis, met Sherrill Parks and they began collaborating. Parks introduced Richard Mainegra to Yancy and the three formed Cymarron. They replaced the "i" with a "y" from Cimarron Strip, a TV Western from the late 60s, according to the you tube note.

Yancy and Mainegra were vocalist and Parks played the guitar and saxophone. Cymarron were the first to sign with the Entrance label, a part of Columbia Records.

Eddie Reeves and Alex Harvey wrote "Rings" in honor of their friends wedding, according to songfacts.com. The group Cymarron reached No. 17 on the charts with "Rings" in 1971. Their second single "Valerie" barely broke the mark 100 on the charts at No. 96. Their other songs did not chart at all.

After Cymarron disband, Yancy and Mainegra with guitarist Jimmy Griffin, from Bread, formed The Remingtons. Later Yancy and Griffin were the duo GYC until Griffins death in 2005.

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