Formed in the early '60s as The Bluegenes, they once invited the Beatles to their "Guest Night" at The Cavern: Swinging Blue Jeans, according to their website.

The Bluegenes formed in Liverpool in 1961. They toured and played dance halls and soon as the Swinging Blue Jeans became regulars at The Cavern and had what was called "Tuesday Guest Night." One of the guests they invited included the Beatles.

Ray Ennis, Les Braid and Alan Lovell changed Bluegenes to Swinging Blue Jeans in 1962. Their first hit in Britain was "It's Too Late Now," which did not do well on the charts. After that, they had two hits that were almost at the top of the charts in Britain with "Hippy Hippy Shake" and "Good Golly Miss Molly."

Swinging Blue Jeans, along with The Rolling Stones, were one of the first bands to appear on the BBCs Top of the Pops.

Despite their last hit on the charts in 1966, Swinging Blue Jeans are still touring with members changing along the way.  They will be in the Czech Republic, Norfolk, Sweden and Denmark. Swinging Blue Jeans are not touring in the U.S.

Members now include original member Alan Lovell as lead guitarist and vocals, also Peter Oakman as bass guitarist and vocals, Jeff Bannister on keyboard, guitar and vocals, and drummer Graham Hollingworth.

Founding members Les Braid died in 2005 and Ray Ennis retired in 2010.

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