He is from Tennessee. His first song was for Sun Records and his biggest hit was also a country hit: Carl Perkins, according to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum website.

Carl Perkins learned to play guitar from field hand John Westbrook in Tiptonville, Tennessee, just north of Memphis. His first band was with his brothers, Jay and Clayton, known as the Perkins Brothers Band in the 1940s.

Perkins moved to Memphis in 1954 hoping to audition for Sun Records. After writing more songs, he cut his first single, "Movie Magg." At the end of 1955, he recorded "Blue Suede Shoes," which became a No. 2 hit on the charts and topped the country charts.

However, on the way to appear on TV in New York, Perkins was in a serious car accident and suffered a fractured skull, broken bones and lacerations.

Perkins recovered and went on to record "Boppin' in the Blue" and "Matchbox." They did not chart well.

Early December 1956, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Perkins were part of a jam session at Sun Studios. Johnny Cash made an appearance for photos.

Carl moved to another label in 1958. While on tour in Britain in 1964, he met the Beatles only to find out what an influence he was to them. Then from 1967-75, Perkins toured with Johnny Cash. In the 80s, he was on stage with Eric Clapton and others. Perkins then recorded "Class of '55m" in 1988 with Sun Records alum Cash, Lewis and Roy Orbison.

He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Perkins continued to perform and record after he survived throat cancer in the '90s. He published an autobiography and album "Go, Cat, Go!" in 1995.

In 1998 at the age of 66, Carl Perkins died of a stroke.

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