Here's a trivia question for you: Which Super Bowl featured the only non-football athletes to perform in Super Bowl Half Time Show history?

Answer: the 1992 Super Bowl 26 Half Time Spectacular Winter Magic featuring Olympic Figure skaters Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill. Their performance was part of a salute to the 1992 Winter Olympics which ran February 8-23 of that year.

If you don't remember their performance -- or the Super Bowl Half Time Spectacular at all -- there may be a good reason for that: it was the same evening that rival network FOX air a sketch comedy TV special In Living Color, which gained international prominence for its bold move and led the NFL to book major A-list performers for future Super Bowl Half Time shows.

Today, some 29 years later, Super Bowl 26 is remembered as one of the most ridiculous -- and perhaps embarrassing to us Minnesotans -- half time shows in history. Hosted at Minneapolis' Metrodome, Super Bowl executives decided they wanted to showcase Minnesota as a place that does winter right. Logically, the halftime show featured a 35-piece snowflake drill team; a giant, silk Frosty the Snowman; two 30-foot inflatable snowmen, three more dancing snowmen and a skating routine by skating champions Dorothy Hamilll and Brian Boitano. There was also a rap about Frosty called "Do the Frosty" that somehow didn't survive long afterwards.

The halftime show wasn't the only flop. According to MPR News, the opening kickoff had to be redone because the TV audience was still seeing commercials. Notably, Donald Trump and then-wife Marla Maples were in attendance. The Star Tribune noted that the couple was friendly and obliging with autographs as they headed to their seats and retells a story of Trump and his wife asking an usher to buy them four ice cream sundaes at $1.75 apiece; they gave the usher $30 and told her to keep the change, which she politely refused.

Read more about Super Bowl 26 as told by MPR News here; you can watch the less-than-memorable Halftime Show above.

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