NRHEG football coach Dan Stork will be asking his new varsity quarterback to handle an experienced team and guide them through a tough schedule. He might also insist he take out the garbage and pick up his room. His son, junior Jake Stork, takes over the reigns from Sam Prigge for the Panthers this season.

Prigge was one of just three starters to graduate from the 2016 team. On Saturday's KRFO coaches show Dan Stork said those losses are significant and include two-way starters from the line Jack Schultz and Chad Agrimson. Schultz, son of assistant coach John Schultz, plays for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Stork, the coach, says making Stork, the quarterback, comfortable and building his confidence are important early in the season. The team scrimmaged at Triton on Saturday and makes a long trip to play Pipestone on Friday, September 1, at 7PM in a Kat Kountry 105FM broadcast.

The Arrows are a new team on the Panthers' schedule after a slight change in their district. State tournament qualifier Norwood Young America is the other new team. NRHEG stills face Maple River, who went to the state semifinals in 2016, and longtime rival WEM.

Jake Stork appeared on KRFO Radio during Steele County Fair coverage and said he likes the pressure that will come from everyone, including his dad, watching him. Stork says he and his father talk about plays at home sometimes and different ways to handle certain situations.



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