You can't change history but you can put more of it on display. That's what the Steele County Historical Society will do at the Village of Yesteryear during the fair.

About 30,000 people go through the Village of Yesteryear during the Steele County Fair, according to historical society executive director Kim Purscell. The buildings will be open for people to enjoy with the exception of the school house, which needs flooring repair. Free stage entertainment will fill the village with music starting Wednesday. The Dunnell House will feature piano music at times as well.

As in previous years, old-fashioned pop floats will be available at the Beaver Lake Pop Stand and the old iron tractor show will feature tractors of all makes from throughout history.

Purscell says new this year are performances by Camp Pillsbury on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Students will perform acrobatic stunts while hanging from the trees from ribbons and straps.

Old-time candy and vintage toys and apparel will be available for purchase in the General Store. Vintage cars and motorcycles will be on display in the parking lot by Gus' Station, which will also have old-fashioned candy.

KRFO Radio will air the Village of Yesteryear show each day at 10:15AM with guests from the historical society and entertainment schedule updates.

Steele County Fair
Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media

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