The free throw. It might be free, but it's not always easy. All eyes are on the shooter and it could be a high-pressure situation in a game. All the more important to practice, especially for younger players. The Owatonna Knights of Columbus recently held their youth free throw shooting championships.

For their efforts and success, the winners are this week's H & R Block Stat Sheet Stuffers of the Week.

Girls winners included Kennedy Hodgman, Savanha Hofbauer, Preslee Hodgman, Tegan Kruschke and Payhten Busho. Boys winners were Ashton Kraus, Jacob and Nolan Ginskey, Brendan Klecker and Jackson Holder. They move on to district competition February 19, 2019.

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Check out last week's H & R Block winner, Triton girls' basketball junior Sydney Gilliland.

In the picture below, the front row includes Nolan Ginskey, Payhten Busho and Tegan Kruschke. The back row consists of Brendan Klecker, Kennedy Hodgman, Ashton Kraus, Jacob Ginskey, Savanha Hofbauer and Preslee Hodgman.

free throw shooters
photo submitted by Owatonna Knights of Columbus

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