The tour season begins May 1 at the Village of Yesteryear. Guided tours of the village will be held Tuesday through Sunday through September 20 at 1:30pm. You may also call and make an appointment for a time for a tour. adult admission is $5 and children ages 7-16 are $3 with group rates available. Admission to the history Center is the price as tour rates.

Just in time for the 2019 tour seasons a new exhibit will open at the Dunnell House. Twelve wedding gowns dating from 1888 to 1948 will be on display. These six decades of wedding dresses wore worn by brides who walked down the aisle in Steele County. I have my great grandmother's wedding dress along with photo from 1901 in Whitehall, WI. It looks nothing like today's wedding dresses. It's kind of plain and blue and white in color.

Here's a link to the Steele County Historical Society web site.

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