I was perusing through the 1920-21 edition of Minnesota Municipalities and ran across some interesting things from way back then. Here we go with the news of the day:

1. Eveleth and Hibbing were both conducting wars against what?

2.Here's another Eveleth tidbit. In 1921 they passed an ordinance that an establishment that served this could have no screens or partitions. (this will be a surprise)

3. Owatonna business women raised funds to be divided up for use for the cities parks. How much did they raise?

4. Now here's something that's surprising. Virginia announced the opening of municipal whats near city parks?

5. Owatonna, Hibbing, Mankato and Red Wing made surprise announcements in regards to their police forces. What was it?

6. Nashwauk council approves the purchase of what?

7. In accordance with a newer state law, Buhl, Good Thunder, Little Falls, Marshall, and Rushford announced they would be building what?


1. Eveleth and Hibbing were both conducting all out war on rats.

2. I'm guessing this may have had something to do with Prohibition be passed in 1920. In Eveleth if you sold soft drinks you had to have a clear view with no screens or partitions. Interesting, isn't it?

3. Owatonna business women raised a grand total of $147 for the city parks.

4. This is really radical in my opinion. Virginia announced the opening of municipal baby sitting in conjunction with city parks. If you were a working woman, you could drop your children off in the park for free babysitting. I've never heard of such a thing. I wonder how long it lasted. I'm speculating that this was perhaps designed for widows? There weren't too many women holding jobs in 1921.

5. Owatonna and the other 4 above mentioned towns announced the hiring of a police woman.

6. Nashwauk council decides to finally buy garbage cans for the city.

7. And the cities mentioned in question 7 voted to fall in line and build public restrooms in their cities.

My times have changed haven't they? I was quite surprised by some of the above answers.

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