A Senior at Denfed High School In Duluth has gone viral on Tik Tok for her artwork tutorials. Her name is Hartely Bauer and her bedroom is adorned with all kinds of posters and tons of artwork that she has done herself, all of which is very impressive.

Bauer is taking her newfound popularity in style. She stated that she was never really popular in school and now she is being recognized for her artwork that very few people even knew she was doing, including her own dad. He was told by a friend about her artwork tutorials on Tik Tok.

From her bedroom, Bauer has created and posted tutorials on how to shade and how to draw eyes, noses, lips, and more. Her hand tutorial has 1.9 million views, and her face tutorial has  1.2 million views. Hartley claims she is no art teacher, just a high school student who loves art. Her actual art teacher begs to differ.

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John Hoban who is an art teacher at Denfeld High School said to the Duluth News Tribune (paid site) "I told her this year, I don’t think I can help you anymore. You’re beyond where we’re at now, I run those classes like a college class. She exceeds every expectation.”

Bauer's work is so good she has been approached by many people wanting to use her artwork as a tattoo and want to pay her for her work, but she says it's not about the money. Bauer said to the Duluth News Tribune:

The pandemic was a depressing time for so many people. This account was the No. 1 thing keeping me from falling into a slump because it motivated me to keep creating.

For now, Hartely is busy writing essays and filling out college applications. She's interested in pursuing illustration in college. She sees her TikTok account as a way to help her in the future and maybe at some point she will be willing to actually sell some of her amazing work. She is so humble, I have a feeling we are going to see and hear a lot more about Hartley in the future. Check out the video below to see just how talented she is.

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