A viral TikTok shows a Royal Marine demonstrating how one can defend themselves in a dangerous situation, even if you just got your nails done. He must have wanted the lesson to be as realistic as possible, as even with a fresh set of acrylic nails on he shows that self-defense is always an option.

TikTok via @dutchintheusa

Unfortunately, having the knowledge to defend oneself from an attacker is important. Hopefully, no one reading this will ever be put in a situation where fighting is necessary but the truth of the matter is - it happens.

Unsplash via Timothy Eberly

Thankfully, there are people like Robin out there who are providing free self-defense tips online.

Robin's Instagram page says that he was born in the Netherlands, where he joined the Royal Army at the age of sixteen. He enlisted in the Royal Netherlands Marine Core at the age of eighteen. After basic training, he took a trip to Amsterdam where he assisted a woman who was being harassed. That woman ended up becoming his wife and the mother of his children.

Now, Robin goes by @dutchintheusa and utilizes social media to help provide useful tips for anyone to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. Going off of Robin's story of how he met his wife plus the hashtag, #womenssafety, that he uses, it is clear that providing women with the necessary tools to defend themselves is near and dear to his heart.

See the full demonstration from @dutchintheusa on TikTok below.

Robin clearly cares about being as realistic as possible in his demonstrations, which is probably why he went ahead and got acrylic nails put on so that people everywhere could have as much knowledge possible when it comes to defending themselves.

While having a Royal Marine like Robin around to step in during a dangerous situation would be ideal, that won't always be the case. Hopefully Robin's tips will help someone who has found themselves in an unfortunate circumstance.

Just as an added bonus @dutchintheusa put up a demonstration of how to escape handcuffs with the acrylic nails on which you can see below.

Some tips that you will hopefully never have to utilize, but are always good to know.

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