Admit it. You've tuned into Tik Tok before and watched some videos that were pretty amusing. I've done it myself. And that's O.K. But there are a growing number of trends on the app that are asking students to do illegal and harmful things inside of our schools, and that trend needs to stop NOW. As if teachers aren't facing enough distractions and tough situations this year, now they have to watch out for Tik Tok trends. Yesterday the Iowa State Educators Association issued a statement regarding the trend called 'devious licks'. It reads in part;

We recently became aware of a nationwide Tik Tok challenge affecting the health and safety of Iowa students and school employees. The challenge calls for specific aggressive, violent, and hateful actions to take place during the months of the year. We have received reports of Tik Tok Challenges occurring in Iowa schools and we are deeply concerned; this is not acceptable behavior in a free and democratic society which seeks to treat all individuals with respect. The ISEA calls on all school leadership to be forceful in their response to anyone perpetrating violence, harassment, or assault against our students and school employees.

Some of the other challenges, according to CBS2, include vandalism and exposing themselves. The October challenge is to hit a school staff member. Mike Beranek, president of the ISEA told CBS2 that they have already heard of situations in the state of Iowa where employees were being hit.

Tik Tok has removed the hashtag 'devious licks' from their site and app, but the damage has already been done. Beranek says the cost of the damage done to Iowa schools will be in the thousands of dollars. The Cedar Rapids School District sent out a warning to parents and guardians about the trend. CBS2 reports that kids who take part could be suspended or expelled and even face possible charges. First assistant Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks told CBS2 that any property damage over $1500 is a felony. Students 18 and over can be tried as adults. Maybanks says that students who film the actions could also face charges depending on the act in the video.

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