Another day. Another TikTok hack that we should've known.

This time it involves eggs, and probably the easiest way I've seen them made.

Via: Coffeefy Work
Via: Coffeefy Work

I'll be honest: eggs scare me. Not physical phobia, but more along the lines of messing them up. I love eggs, but I don't cook them. This method on TikTok might have me changing my mind.

You don't even have to turn on your stovetop. This is a game changer.

Microwaving food is always a hot topic (no pun intended). You either rely heavily on the microwave or rarely ever use it. Some people say that food tastes different when cooked in the microwave (I somewhat agree, depending on the food) but if you are busy, tired, got kids...microwave is the way.

Just put oil on a microwave-safe plate, crack the egg, and cover it with another microwave-safe plate...and boom. A seemingly perfect-looking over-easy egg. Now, I'm sure the cooking time varies for whatever style of egg you're looking to eat. It's more than likely a trial-and-error situation.

If you don't feel like microwaving or cooking eggs on the stovetop...just put them on the concrete here in south Louisiana. That should work just as well.

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