A guy named Andrew Beattie has a safe trick or treating hack has gone viral after he posted it on Facebook. He plans on putting candy down a candy chute that he made himself. That way there is no contact with trick or treaters and everyone will stay safe. He even said he will open the bag of candy he is going to use that day outside and that's where it will stay. Delish posted an article about this guy's idea and thought it was genius. He constructed the chute out of a cardboard tubing, and then decorated it with Halloween colors. Genius!

I think a lot of people are getting upset because this pandemic has not only taken thousands of human lives away from us, but it's also taken away many things that make us happy. I'm talking about events, holidays, milestones, and other things we've had to miss or postpone because of this virus. My husband and I were supposed to have 4 weddings this year. They were all moved to next year except for one of them. Even that one the bride and groom had to cut their guest list in half and hold everything outside their venue. they had a great time and so did we. They made the best of a crappy situation. But, to think that kids won't be able to go trick or treating is heartbreaking. Kids look forward to halloween every year. It's actually my son's first Halloween and I wanted to walk him around our neighborhood and ring doorbells to give him the experience. But, now I'm not so sure with what the CDC is saying. I also may just dress him up and take pictures. So sad all the things that this pandemic has taken away from us.

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