The new puppy. Have you ever had one? They're fun and they're funny. They also happen to be playful and so full of energy. My neighbor has a new puppy and it jumps all over you. He then gives it something to play with so it will leave me alone. Just last week a New Richland family had the same situation. My wife's best friend had bought their puppy one of those squeaky toys to occupy him so the family could get some peace. Noise, noise and more noise but at least he wasn't jumping all over people.

Then one day they noticed he was acting listless and not eating. It got to the point where it was vet time. Lo and behold the x-rays showed that he had swallowed the squeaky from his squeaky toy. Back home an inspection showed that the dog had been really really chewing his new toy. Chewing it to the point that he had apparently chewed a hole straight through and hence the little squeaker had come out and he had swallowed it.

End result was a blocked intestine and a $1,500 vet bill. Sometimes it'll pass and sometimes it won't Also a lesson learned. The vet advised them to make regular checks of their dogs toys as one never knows what a mutt can do behind one's back. You hear regular reports of dogs swallowing some strange object and getting sick. Have you had a pet swallow something strange?

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