The display of organic crops at the Steele County Fair has expanded greatly this year. They had to go out and get more jars for the display that now stretches maybe a quarter more larger than last year.

New this year is industrial hemp. A local grower obtained the necessary state permits and is growing around 40 to 50 acres of it. In the olden days folks my age recognize hemp as an important part in making rope and baler twine. It was also used in making fabric.

Today's hemp is marketed into Hemp Hearts. You can see a bag of this in the photo. It's used in soups. It's hemp flakes and they're said to be high in protein. Another popular product is hemp oil. Plain and simple it's used in cooking like over oils such as olive olive and canola oil.

Also back in the organic display are a couple of other products that debuted a few years ago, black beans and purple corn. Stop in and check it out at the Steele County Free Fair.

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