I'm far from an expert on flowers but I find it fascinating that there is a rare flower than be found only one place on earth and it's just a few minutes north of Owatonna. The endangered flower is the Dwarf Trout Lily. It's endemic to Minnesota, meaning it has only been found here in the Gopher State.With a little searching and maybe an eagle eye you can spot one in Steele, Rice or Goodhue Counties.

River Bend Nature Center in Faribault announces that they have been selected to receive funding through a Conservation Partners Legacy grant which is to be used to accomplish 54 acres of work to enhance and protect the Dwarf Trout Lily habitat. It's thought this rare flower evolved around 9,000 years ago, shortly after the last glaciation.

Where you can help out is in the form of volunteering. This grant like many requires some type of matching. In this case it is volunteerism. Rive Bend is looking for volunteers to help with the removal of buckthorn and honeysuckle, piling brush, pulling garlic mustard and dame's rocket. If you'd like to be a part of preserving this one of a kind flower contact River Bend Nature Center.

You can read more about the Dwarf Trout Lily here.

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