Members in bands change bands. Plain and simple there are usually any number of changes in a band's guitarists, drummers and lead singers. Here's a few that might surprise you.

We'll start with the late Ed King. Ed died last month and is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here's a video he's most noted for. Playing with Lynrd Skynrd as they do the song Ed wrote. Ed is the guitarist in white.

Where was Ed 7 years prior? Take a look

He's right up front to your left with the one hit wonders Strawberry Alarm Clock


Here's a popular group from the 60's, the Cowsills. Check out little Susan Cowsill in her go go boots.

To the mid 70's we go and what's little Susie doin?

She's rock'in out with her sweetie, Dwight Twilley.

Here's my favorite. The Lemon Pipers which some say had the first bubble gum number 1 song. Check out the long haired guitar player to the left of the tambourine player.

Ten years later, it's another one hit wonder group only this time he's rocking out with Ram Jam.

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