I have always been fascinated by trains. Ever since I was a kid I can remember being in awe of their massive size and power. One of my earliest Christmas gift recollections was receiving a train set when I was a small child. I spent hours playing with it.

On our vacations, as a child and now as an adult, I never miss a chance to stop and check out the various train depots and museums scattered across the country. Recently I came across an article on Facebook about a train-themed road trip through Minnesota which was put together by the writers at OnlyInYourState.com. This trek to experience trains not only lists trains you can take short rides on but also museums, a bar and restaurant with a caboose inside and plenty of train-themed sleeping accommodations, where you spend the night in box cars or renovated passenger cars.

This list is obviously just some of the many train-themed attractions that dot our great state of Minnesota, but it's a good start for the train aficionado out there looking to fulfill some of their train-related fantasies without having to travel across the country to do so. Make sure you click on the link within the story to see the list for yourself.

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