November is Aviation History Month.It's quite a long list of past and present celebrities who flew their own planes. Most are aware of war hero pilots such as Audie Murphy, Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable among others. Watching them in their movies one can fairly easily visualize them as pilots. Let's take a look at 3 stars that might surprise you.

Celebrity number one is probably best known for 2 things. He's first thought of as a second banana and sidekick. This heavy set star was often teased about being a heavy drinker. I don't know if that was true or not. He's also a familiar face as a pitchman and appearing on TV offering you a chance to win. Click here's Johnny and find out who this pilot is.

Star number 2 would be a familiar face for those who watched or watch TV shows and movies from the 50's and 60's. He was considered one of the best looking guys in the business and he had 5 wives to back that up. This star was taught how to fly by his godfather, a guy named Orville Wright. Yup, that Orville Wright. Click here to get your answer.

Celebrity number 3 who was a World War 2 pilot will conjure up images of a short bald man who stuck light bulbs in his mouth and made them light up. He also enjoyed having his head placed in a wood vise and then tightened. Read about this star's strange TV family and his role as a pilot.

Bet I surprised a few of you. Hard to imagine at least 2 of these flying planes.

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