This morning it was announced that the Steele-Waseca and Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity will be merging. The new name will be Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity. The Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity has been under the leadership of Executive Director Kevin Worden and he will assume the leadership role of the newly created habitat. The Steele-Waseca Area Habitat Executive Director position has been vacant since the resignation of Pat Heydon who accepted a different position in Habitat for Humanity.

The Rochester and Steele -Waseca Habitats have been working jointly this summer on a habitat home in Claremont.

Offices will continue to be manned in Owatonna and Rochester and the organization will oversee the Rochester Area ReStore. the merger is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

The Habitat for Humanity of the Steele-Waseca Area began in 1993 and the Rochester Habitat was established in 1990.


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