Sheriff Lon Thiele was Todd Hale's guest on Fair Talk this week. Once again those with young children attending the fair are encouraged to take precautions to ensure their child's safety. The Sheriff's Shack will be next to the Muckle building or south of the Four Seasons Centre. There you'll find Child ID kits along with after school safety items and ID tags.

New this year are activity books for those ages 3 and older. They touch on the subjects of after-school safety, internet safety and the Sheriff is Your Friend theme.

It's advised that you take a picture of your child the day you attend the fair. It not only will provide a great description of your child should he or she go missing but it will also serve as a reminder in regards to what type and what color clothing your child is wearing.

Thiele advises that those coming to the fair with vulnerable adults or those with physical or mental challenges may check into the Sheriff's Shack as well. A couple of years ago a vulnerable adult lost his or her way at the fair but was reunited with their companions shortly thereafter.

One final thing to remember. Before getting on each ride make sure you have your phone. Then when you get off the ride check again to make sure it didn't fall out. Each year the fair office has more than their fair share of lost phones turned in.

Enjoy the fair and be safe.

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