Steele County 4H is offering a couple of new offerings for youth and their families.  Friday, August 16 will be the date for the "Goose Chase" family scavenger hunt.Simply head to the 4-H exhibit building as early as 10am.You'll receive your Private Game Code. Once you have the Goose Chase app downloaded, enter your Private Game Code, create your player name and begin. You then make selections from a list and follow the instructions to rack up points. This game will allow you to see how other players are doing.

The 4-H Scavenger Hunt will be on Friday, August 16 as well running from 11-2pm. Youth can pick up passports and activity sheets at the 4-H exhibit building. You have until 1pm to do so. The passports contain agricultural questions. Youth will tour the livestock exhibits and find posters containing the information needed to complete the questions. Once your pass port is complete, bring it to the 4-H Food Stand and get your reward.


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