The Rice County Board of Commissioners asked Highway Engineer Dennis Luebbe during the Commissioners meeting today about a intersection in Lonsdale that has been discussed for decades.

County Road 4 enters Lonsdale at a angle to intersect with State Highway 19.  If you go straight across the highway there is NW Railway Street.  On the other side of what is currently Smoke Restaurant is another city street making the intersection a precarious one.

Luebbe told Commissioners he met with the Lonsdale City Council last year.

The discussion came up because Commissioners approved the hiring of a professional engineering firm to do design services work for the County Road 4 reconstruction project.

Luebbe was asked about the scope of the project.

Luebbe stated it was the city's decision to make.

Commissioners also unanimously approved awarding a Professional Engineering contract to Stonebrooke Engineering for work at the Public Safety Center.  Luebbe called the $155,100 contract a "reasonable price."

Another $53,750 Professional services contract was also approved for work on a regional stormwater pond.

Commissioners also approved accepting a $7,288 snowmobile safety enforcement grant and two year off highway vehicle (OHV) Safety Grant in the amount of $10,240.

Sheriff Jesse Thomas stated the department will purchase a trailer for the OHV purchased with grant dollars last year.


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