Todd Cashman, owner of Party Plus, and Jerry Besser, owner of Tone Music, are neighboring businesses in downtown Owatonna and they have been playing practical jokes on each other for more than 10 years and the days are random. Like on a Wednesday in the middle of July.

If you need fun ideas for some April Fool's Day jokes, they would be the ones to talk to.

Some of the jokes that they have done to each other include some very special store decorations and banana peels on trailer hitches. Jerry has been known to blow confetti into Todd's car as he was driving by. Todd has even padlocked Jerry's van to a dumpster.

The latest practical joke, just a week before Owatonna's Crazy Days, Jerry snuck up behind Todd and really got him good with a super soaker. Jerry then ran away quickly with a "got him" grin.

A couple of guys having some fun. Enjoy your day.

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