Owatonna High School junior Conner McCartney desires to be a commercial pilot and dreams of flying charter planes across the country. The Owatonna Magnet student news website reports that McCartney fell in love with flying and planes when he was young and spent time with his grandfather, who is a pilot.

McCartney is in the process of finishing off the requirements to officially become a pilot but has already completed solo flights, night flights and solo tower landings. He told the Magnet, "This was a big moment for me. I had realized I was putting a childhood dream into action." McCartney works at the Owatonna airport cleaning planes.

When McCartney first flew with his grandfather, he had to sit on cushions to see over the dashboard. No aids were necessary when he took off on his first solo flight with his family watching from the ground, "I wore a smile, ear to ear, as I flew around the pattern."

I am always excited to hear about students pursuing their dreams. I have two nephews who are licensed pilots. One flies for a national airline. The other works on a farm and does his own crop dusting. I know McCartney's dream is achievable by making a goal and sticking with it.

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