Steele County and the City of Owatonna completed a signal justification report for two intersections and arrived at the conclusion that the intersections do not have the vehicle and pedestrian traffic volume needed to justify a signal. As a result two traffic signals will be removed in July.

Starting today (June24) crews will install signs announcing the changes on Oak Avenue at the intersections of Vine Street and McKinley Street.

Starting July 15, both signals will become all-way red flash mode signals. This means vehicles will need to stop and treat the intersections as all-way stop intersections. The signals will then be covered and deactivated on July 17. The intersection control will be changed to a two-way stop with stop signs installed on Vine and McKinley Streets. Traffic on Oak Avenue will be permitted to proceed through the intersection uncontrolled.

Motorists are encouraged to use caution at these intersections during the transition period.

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