The folks at Wallet Hub have come out with their list of Best Small Cities to Live In and Owatonna makes the list. They define small city as one with a population between 25,000 to 100,000.

Leawood, Kansas came out on top with a score of 72.52 with Owatonna checking in at 61.84. They arrive at their conclusions with 40 factors for each city. In the main categories such as Affordability which includes things such as income and cost of living, Owatonna achieved a ranking of 228. We had a 398 ranking in Economic Health using factors such as job growth, amount of foreclosures, bankruptcies and others. In the Education and Health section Owatonna ranked 116 using factors such as graduation rate, percentage with insurance and obesity rate among others. In the Quality of Life Owatonna was ranked 763 using numbers that indicate the percentage that walk to work and how many coffee house, bars and movies per capita. For Safety Owatonna ranked 406 things such as violent crimes and motor vehicle accidents. These rankings may seem like awfully large numbers but remember there are a lot of small towns in the U.S.A.

Thanks for the folks at Wallet Hub for backing up what most Owatonnans already knew. A top small city in America.

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