Plans for a brew pub in Owatonna are progressing. The organizational committee for the Steele Tap Cooperative announces that they have named an Interim Board of Directors. They are as follows: Roger Warehime, Chair, John Deranek-Vice Chair, Molly Kerr- Records Officer, Sue Tuma-Financial Officer, Terrence Flynn, Reid Stransky and Chris Harrison. Members of this interim board will provide guidance and assistance in the establishment of Steele Tap. Hopes are for eventually to be a formal Board of Directors.

The Steele Tap will be a cooperatively-owned restaurant, and craft beer brewery in downtown Owatonna. The hope is for an upscale beer-centric dining experience that will feature locally produced craft beers along with gourmet food using locally sourced ingredients.

The goal is to make this a reality sometime in 2018. Those desiring more information or wishing to become involved with this entity may contact the Steele Tap Cooperative at


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