The numbers from Owatonna's Christmas Bird Count last month have been compiled and released. Individual birds sighted were way down. A total of 3,863 birds were counted compared to an average of 4,567 birds in previous counts. One big factor was the freezing over of Lake Kohlmier. Remember despite these mild temperatures recently it was might cold in October and November. Over 4,000 geese and mallards were spotted there in 2017 when the Lake was open.

The most recent count saw 49 different species being spotted. One new species spotted was the Eastern Bluebird. It was spotted in two locations by two different teams. Game birds such as Ring-necked Pheasants and Turkeys showed an up tick with 70 of each spotted during the count.

A total of 94 counters took part in the county which is a decrease of the record breaking 99 counters the year before. Among those counting this year were 17 first time counters.


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