Let's have a little fun. It's February 9, 1964, and the Beatles make their famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Did you know that among the other guests was a soon-to-be rival? Davey Jones, an 18-year-old actor from the stage production of Oliver was also a guest. Little did the Beatles know that little Davey Jones and his group the Monkees would sell more records in 1966 and 1967 than they would.

Remember the one big hit by Bob Kuban and the In Men? It was called "The Cheater." Their lead singer, Walter Scott, was murdered in 1983 by his wife's lover. Yup she was a cheater. To make things murkier, his wife's lover had murdered his own wife as well.

Here's that 1966 hit if case you didn't recognize the title.


Did you know that the first time Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel appeared on stage together was in 1953? Sixty-four years ago. Paul and Art went to the same school and were in the same school play adaption of Alice in Wonderland and that was the occasion in '53, which was a few years before they took the stage together as musical performers.

Do you recall the hit "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" by Sugarloaf? Here it is.

The group had been given the thumbs down from CBS Records. Notice the ring tones at the beginning and end of the song. The number they're dialing is actually an unlisted number for CBS Records.

Let's do one more. Name the act that took the song "Stairway to Heaven" to No. 11 on the charts. Very good if you said Neal Sedaka in 1960. What's that? Oh that other group, Led Zeppelin or something, well they never charted that song. It was only an album cut, though it ranks high when talking about greatest rock songs of all time.

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