You see posts all over the web on Major League Baseball records that probably won't be broken. The consecutive games played streak, the most home runs in a season, hitting .400 or the longest winning streak. To break these records of course requires some luck to go along with the skill. In all of the above you either just keep dragging yourself onto the field in the case of the consecutive games played streak or keep hitting for the others.

How about a streak that involves some skill but probably more luck. Try this one out. Ever heard of Oakland Athletic Khris Davis? Maybe not. He's what Davis has done that would be so hard to duplicate.

In 2015 Davis hit .247

In 2016 Davis hit .247

In 2017 Davis hit .247

In 2018 Davis hit .247

Yes, 4 consecutive seasons with a batting average of .247. If it was an average like .200 or .250 you could do the math and make an intentional out to maintain that average though I doubt anyone would. But to hit .247 four straight seasons?

By the way, so far in 2019 Davis is currently hitting .248. Good grief, he's on pace again!

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