Starting August 1 a new law means a stiffer punishment for those caught driving under the influence. The new law means you'll lose your license if you're convicted of driving drunk  in any type of vehicle. The law extends to the point that a conviction means no driving privileges for all-terrain vehicles, motorboats and snowmobiles. Prior to August 1, those convicted of a DWI in a highway-licensed vehicle could still operate an ATV, motorboat or snowmobile.

The law was passed by the state Legislature following the death of Alan Geisenkoetter Jr., who died after being struck by a snowmobile driven by a man whose driver's license was revoked after a number of DWI offenses. Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill into law in May.

The law also means a person convicted of DWI while operating a motorboat will also lose their driver's license in addition to being banned from operating an ATV, motorboat or snowmobile for one year.

The lineup of rods that will be on display at this summer's Steele County Free Fair has been released.

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